Vox DaaS + MMS for Apple

All inclusive Device as a Service. From $15/month.
Apple Devices + Operations Management = One Predictable Cost.

Vox DaaS + MMS™ for Apple. Combining iPhone, iPad and Mac with Vox Mobile’s industry leading managed mobility services (MMS) is a game changer.  As an Apple managed service provider and reseller, Vox Mobile helps organizations overcome the challenges of multiple supplier contracts, complicated agreements, changing technology, 24/7 support, security threats and high user expectations.

Employees Choose Apple.

iPhones, iPads and Macs are no longer just consumer products. Businesses have learned when enabling employee device choice they see large gains in productivity and adoption – and employees choose Apple*.
*Source: JAMF Employee Choice Survey

Why DaaS + MMS for Apple?

Mobility success hinges on user adoption, user experience and application success.

By combining the best products and platforms with the best end-to-end lifecycle management services from Vox, we can help businesses of any size overcome these challenges.

Vox DaaS + MMS for Apple overcomes all these hurdles.

Procurement Complexity

No longer deal with multiple vendors and contracts.
Automate device deployments with Apple Business Manager and MDM.

Scaled Management

24/7 support and management for users and infrastructure.

Refresh Options

Take control of refresh schedules and always get the latest devices.

Application Enablement

Automate app deployments with instantaneous, seamless process.

Cost Optimization

Understand usage patterns to optimize all mobile contracts and costs.

Apple Device and Platform Support You Can Count On.

Put Vox Mobile’s managed mobility services (MMS) for Apple to work and improve your deployment success.

Let’s discuss your Apple device operations management needs today.